i Heart Apple 2



I figured today would be an appropriate day to post some images from Iconic, the absolutely brilliant book of Apple product photography by Jonathan Zufi.

As so many reflect on the 30th anniversary of the Mac, this is the perfect way to look back at not only that product line, but all the different Apple product lines throughout the years.

So well done. Easily worth the price. It’s art.

Also be sure to check out the Celebrate the Mac site the team behind the book made yesterday.

How to Create Amazing iPhone Photographs

This book will teach you how to use the iPhone camera in ways you never dreamed, to fully capture the moment and to create amazing photographs.  You will learn about the basics of crafting images with the iPhone but also about interesting options such as infrared and underwater photography. You will see how to perform high-speed panning to capture a subject in motion and produce stunning images.

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